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Personal Branding 101: Positive Gossip Mongers at workplace. Are you the one?

“Hey Suba, my husband is indulged in a lot of office gossips. I never knew men do that.” giggled my friend as we were chit-chatting the other day. As we all are working from home, all the wives & husbands are aware of all the ‘small talks’ scenarios.

She was awestruck when I shared how I have a module on ‘Turning workplace gossips into building a Personal Brand and Career Growth opportunities’ in my sessions. This module is a part of my speed coaching sessions that benefit most of my clients to build the network, bring in organizational awareness and create authentic personal branding.

“Have you ever had positive experience due to ‘workplace Gossips’?

Every time I raise this question, I get fantastic responses from professionals, irrespective of gender.

Is Office Gossip Positive or Negative?

Researching on the word ‘Gossip’ took me to 17th century……

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Neutral View: casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true

Negative View: a person who likes talking about other people’s private lives.”

Source: Lexico, Powered by Oxford

Positive View: a person who uses inside Information for self & other growth

Source: Me, Suba Lakshminarasimhan, Your Personal Branding Strategist

Yes, the learning from the personal experience & best practices adopted from many leaders.

How to use Workplace Gossip to your Advantage?

Learn to thin-slice the Information

Snap-second judgement and thin-slicing are my learning from the book ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell. Like in personal lives, the gossips in the workplace will help in understanding the strategic level organizational developments.

What is thin-slicing?

“You build an ability to break the Information, identify the pattern and connect it with your experience & intuition. Introspect, you may already be doing it in personal lives, aren’t you? Now, count the number of time you have understood someone correctly or the outcome accurately.”

To do – You need to build your ‘active listening skill’ here consciously.

Find the internal, Cross Functions and Promotional Opportunities within the organization

Many from the senior suite and c-suite aspirants reach out to me for CXO resume writing projects for internal openings. 60% of them get the Information through the casual conversation without anyone nominating them. Involve yourself positively in the workplace small talks which will lead you to connect with ‘who is who’ and you know the importance of such networking.

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Reach out to me if you want to learn this art & science behind Personal Branding.

Elevate your Authentic Personal Brand

Be the gossiper of enabling positive mindset, motivation and growth mindset in others. How can you do that? Let me share about my chat with BFF who has been fueling such positivity during our ‘gossip’ times. We both know to discuss our pain points, redefining moments. Whenever I needed a specific ‘role model’ she will have someone to talk about. ‘See how this person is handling this model; let’s pick the best practices.’

How do your gossiping sessions benefit you?

Are you that ‘Positive Gossip-Monger?’

Share your experience……

Resilient Achievers

Dr Lakshmipradha: Epitome of Confidence, Energy, Enthusiasm and Optimism

“Challenge” is a term that does not indicate hurdle; instead, it’s a power to stand against and fight. So never run away from situations. Face them with an unambiguous and positive approach. There is no discrimination at any level; we as humans can achieve anything as long as we don’t mix negative emotions with targets.”

Dr Lakshmipradha Receiving HerRising Award

When Suba Lakshminarasimhan, Founder, SLN Brand Studio, asked Dr. Lakshmipradha about ‘one advice’ she would like to share with the Women Aspirants, this was her answer.

Heightened confidence shown in her smile, ‘I can do’ attitude shown in her behaviour, walk and talk, it was an ‘instant impressive’ moment for Suba when she met Dr Lakshmipradha during Jobsforher’s HerRising event. Both are HerRising award winners, met during the ‘Expert Corner’ session as Mentors.

They connected offline, this interview is an extract from the conversation they have had later. As a person of Short Stature, the struggles Dr Lakshmipradha faced were countless. But, the most crucial aspect each one of us needs to know is how she overcame and succeeded in all the things she took up.

Dr Lakshmipradha started a career journey as a Dental Surgeon, later she embraced technology and started working as a Business Analyst, Healthcare domain consultant and Delivery Manager in various IT organizations and MNCs.

Dr Lakshmipradha has also been giving motivational and keynote speeches on various occasions.


Suba: It is an absolute pleasure knowing you, Dr Lakshmipradha. I would like to highlight the specific struggles you had faced in life. I am using the word ‘highlight’ here because I am sure your journey will inspire many to come out of the shell and do the things they deserve to do.

Lakshmipradha: Thank you, Suba, for your positive words, you can call me Pradha or Lakshmi. (With a sweet smile, she continued).

True, each one of us has stories and different battles to share with this world Suba.

I had numerous challenges to face, mainly, lack of acceptance due to my short stature. Right from my school days, it would take fellow students and teachers a long time to accept me as ‘one among them.’ Later in college, people used to wonder whether I would be able to acquire skills like any other student and my ability in doing the procedures. When I shifted my career to IT field, it continued as the employers worrying about the customer accepting me.


It was extremely challenging for me to make people believe that I can do things normally like anybody else. I pushed myself multiple steps and, not only proved that I can do but also achieved various accolades too.

Perceptions, Suba…..We are wired to see, assume and judge others based on our thoughts, beliefs which infact create a lot of challenges for ‘us’ as well as ‘others.’

Yes, I have proven people who doubted my ability in ‘travelling alone,’ ‘living independently,’ ‘cooking & managing home alone.’ I can, and I am performing day to day activities like anyone else living in this mother earth.

Her smile was heart touching.

Suba: That’s impressive Pradha. I have seen people not even realizing that they were hurting others due to ignorance. Sensitizing people towards discrimination. Even though things are changing ‘on paper’ I am sure the reality is still far away. How did you manage when people discriminate you or anyone else for any reasons?

Lakshmipradha: I understand people Suba. I have always been vocal when I witness any discrimination against me or anyone else. Instead of showing frustration, I used ‘patience’ and ‘calmness’ as a tool to educate and create awareness on how a simple ‘word’ or ‘deed’ can hurt someone very deeply. You know what, I have gained a lot of positivity and life-long friends due to my attitude.

Suba: Awesome attitude. God bless you, Pradha. How could keep up the patience and show ‘love’ towards those who hurt you?

Lakshmipradha: I must mention my family here Suba. My mom, especially….She had been a greater inspiration all throughout my life. We lost her this March. She inculcated ‘never give up’ attitude and ‘determination’ in me to pursue what I wanted. She always lifted me up and gave me confidence to look forward whenever I failed and fell down. My father seeded his positive attitude and supported me to pursue my dreams. My sibling always protected and encouraged me in all my endeavour. 

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With my friendly approach and happy attitude, I could gain hearts of many which includes my friends, teachers, colleagues and managers.

Suba: Tell me more about your Mom, Pradha.

12 Mother & Child
Lakshmipradha’s Mom’s Painting

Lakshmipradha: My mom is a beautiful soul, our guiding angel. She had greater passion for arts. I am working on creating a platform through which I can showcase her artwork to the world. Also, on her memory, I am exploring options where I can help the struggling artists sell their artworks. I have a facebook page & a group dedicated to her artwork. 


Suba: Oh, that’s wonderful to know. Tell me about what you are doing currently and your aspirations.

Lakshmipradha: I am a life-long learner first before putting any ‘adjectives’ along. Basically, I am a soft-spoken, compassionate person who always look forward to helping and supporting others. Intending to enhance the lives around, I am working along with the professionals and providing career guidance and mentoring. When I joined IT industry, I realized the importance of unlearning and re-learning. Such mind-mapping and habit forming helped me change my dialect, attitude and gained more confidence communicating with the teams & client and collaborate with the cross functions to achieve project goal.

I took a break from full time job to finish off the book that I was writing Suba, ‘Delicate Darlings’ – it is a collection of stories on the upbringing of children based on my and others experiences. The book will be published very soon. Now, I am fully geared up to utilize my capabilities as an ‘IT Consultant’ in the industry, started floating my resume and attending interviews. Hoping to get into the right role & organization that helps me to establish my expertise and capabilities further ahead. 

About the Interview‘Words of Wisdom’ Interview with Dr Lakshmipradha is an initiative for ‘Women Contentment Program,’ a Mentoring program for women.

Ms. Suba Lakshminarasimhan, Founder director, SLN Brand Studio conducted the interview. Women Contentment Program (WCP) focuses on elevating the lives of Women by helping them create a new career, get back to the career after a break, develop Emotional & Social intelligence and build a Personal Brand.

About the Company: SLN Brand Studio offers Consulting, Mentoring, CXO Resume Writing and Corporate training Solutions. Aiming at building the personal branding and career growth opportunities for working professionals, Students and Women with a Career Break, SLN Brand Studio has developed numerous customized solutions such as SPBQ, SVEP and SWCP.